In 1991 Patrizia Di Benedetto began her adventure in the restaurant kitchen of Bye Bye Blues, with surprising results: it soon become a benchmark for the most demanding palates in Palermo.
The restaurant quickly earned fame beyond the Straits of Messina, becoming highly regarded both in Italy and abroad. Thus, Patrizia was able to create a new type of distinctly Mediterranean cuisine, where the flavors of traditional Sicilian ingredients are presented in a contemporary way.
Under Patrizia’s guidance, Bye Bye Blues has become the best restaurant in Palermo, according to wine and food guide books, such as “L’Espresso” and “Gambero Rosso”. Patrizia is the only Michelin star in Palermo, as well as the only female chef to have won this prestigious award in Sicily.
The following are some of the most significant moments of her professional career:
• 1997, internship at the Valentino restaurant in Los Angeles
• 1998, Sicilian dinner at the Va pensiero restaurant in Chicago
• 2001, dinner at the Mazzei restaurant in New York
• 2001, management of the Bye Bye Blues restaurant at the summer residence of the Teatro Massimo (Teatro della Verdura), where she established an elegant out-door restaurant which played a leading role in Palermo’s cultural evenings and the city’s social life
• 2006, participated in the World Gourmet Festival at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Bangkok as the sole representative for Italy
• 2008, dinner for HRH Emanuele of Savoy in Palermo
• 2008-2011, catering services for institutional associations in Palermo
• 2010-2013, United States: themed food evenings organised at several prestigious restaurants in New York, Baltimore, Boston, New Haven, Long Island
• 2011, charity dinner for Tibet, with the participation of the Dalai Lama’s sister
• 2012, Italian Cuisine World Summit (Hong Kong)
• 2013, Italian Cuisine World Summit (Dubai)

Chef's Program

Wednesday, 7th November
07:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Nicholini's - Level 8, Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

IWLA - Italian Wine List Awards - Special Dinner Themed Night with live stations

Tuesday, 6th November
08:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Kerry Hotel (Ballroom, Level 1) - 38 Hung Luen Road - Hum Hom Bay

Opening Gala dinner signed by up to 10 Michelin Star Chefs

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