Rosanna Marziale was born in Caserta, in the Campania region north of Naples. Her father opened his first restaurant in the 1950s, the environment she grew up in, and her key food memories center around the people who worked and cooked there. Her father and aunts often told stories of her grandmother who, although ill, retained complete control of the household, particularly the food, even cleaning fruit and vegetables from her bed. She opened her home to their friends and everyone was welcome at mealtimes.
Rosanna eventually left the fold to develop her own culinary talents, and trained with Martin Berasategui at his eponymously named three-Michelin star restaurant on the outskirts of San Sebastián in northern Spain. She also worked under Gianfranco Vissani, at his two-star restaurant, Casa Vissani, in Baschi, central Italy. Here she learnt the backbone of high-end, classical Italian cuisine, saying of the experience: ‘Gianfranco helped me realize my own style and voice in my cooking.’ But her greatest mentor was her father, whose cuisine she remains deeply passionate about. In 1998 she became head chef of the family restaurant, Le Colonne, in her hometown, going on to earn a Michelin star in 2013. Her cuisine remains loyal to the traditions of suburban Naples, inspired by her childhood memories, but infused with fresh, experimental ideas. She told us: ‘Inside me there is a child building a catalogue of flavors from memories of the old bakery, local cheeses, and fresh anchovies.’ Dishes such as Risotto with bufala mozzarella, Risotto with San Marzano tomatoes and Soup with mussels and black mozzarella milk, showcase the flavors of the region with modern creativity and flair.

Chef's Program

Wednesday, 7th November
07:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Nicholini's - Level 8, Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

IWLA - Italian Wine List Awards - Special Dinner Themed Night with live stations

Tuesday, 6th November
08:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Kerry Hotel (Ballroom, Level 1) - 38 Hung Luen Road - Hum Hom Bay

Opening Gala dinner signed by up to 10 Michelin Star Chefs

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